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foible's Journal

I'm a comics geek, who believes that Dark Phoenix was high art. I own every issue of X-Force, prior to that unfortunate re-start, but I like to pretend that never happened. If I could have drinks with any comic book character, it would be Deadpool, 'cause I just love me some Wade. Sorry Cable, but dude, sometimes you can really be a downer.

I'm a sci-fi junky currently obsessed with New Who. I am attempting to work through my John Simm obsession; this task would be simpler if the man wasn't so damn good at what he does. I'm a Moffat fan-girl who adores Jekyll. I was thrilled when it was announced he would be taking over DW, and am enjoying every minute of his vision.

I lean very far to the left, have an irreverent sense of humor, and generally appreciate life's little ironies.

I suppose I should mention that this is an essentially "friends only" place. I'll inflict the occasional movie/tv/cool link/political post on the public, but generally only my friends will have to endure my babbling. Lucky them.

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